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Imagine the white sandy beaches and warm blue seas of Thailand, Vietnam, or Myanmar, places to relax and unwind whilst experiencing the beauty South-Asia has to offer. Besides beach vacations, we also offer exciting cultural and historical tours throughout many Asian countries. Set off to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with peace of mind as we handle the arrangements. 

Featured Trips

  • Absolutely Australia: Sydney and Melbourne

    10 days / 9 nights
    The combination of exploring these two marvelous cities and then launching out into their surroundings will give you a thrilling introduction to uniquely fantastic Australia! Near Sydney enjoy a widely-varied...
  • The Ancient Realm of Myanmar: Tropical Getaway

    12 days / 11 nights
    In little-known Myanmar, the wonders of a rich and ancient culture and its glorious tropical landscapes await its visitors. All who go there testify to the fascinating diversity and the warm-heartedness of the...
  • Penang: Tradition, Beauty and Harmony

    7 days / 6 nights
    Exciting and romantic, a vibrant kaleidoscope of old and new, Penang is famously known as the "Pearl of the Orient". With its idyllic natural beauty and multi-facetted cultural heritage, this turtle-...
  • Exquisite Ancient and Modern Indochina

    10 days / 9 nights
    Allow us to usher you into a realm of beauty, tradition, intriguing history and ancient mysticism in some of the key cities and heritage sites of Indochina! Beginning in harmonious Hanoi, Vietnam, explore...
  • The Charms of Laos

    8 days / 7 nights
    Delightful and undiscovered, Laos is a country of amazing countryside, unspoilt temples and stunning Buddhist imagery. Get away from it all and immerse yourself in a culture unlike any other; experience the...
  • Sapa, Vietnam: Soft Adventure Tour

    7 days / 6 nights
    Our "soft adventure" Vietnam package is perfect for vacationers who like to be happily active, but at a relaxed pace. One full day features discovering some of Hanoi's key historical and cultural...
  • Bali Hideaway

    6 days / 5 nights
    With its gorgeous beaches, superbly unique culture and warm welcome, Bali is the perfect place for a delightful escape. Bask in the romantic sunset and wondrous natural beauty of Tanah Lot, an idyllic white...
  • Maldives Surfing Heaven

    8 days / 7 nights
    For the supreme surfing holiday choose this delectable island resort in the Maldives where sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons are surrounded by coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. Surfers delight in...
  • Mongolia, the 'Land of Blue Skies'

    7 days / 6 nights
    In the majestic vastness and inspiring solitude of land and sky, discover the enduring appeal of nomadic life where it is still lived authentically. Besides dipping into Mongolia's fascinating history, you...
  • Mongolia's Gobi Desert: Magnificent Surprises

    7 days / 6 nights
    One often imagines that deserts are lifeless, but Mongolia's vibrant Gobi Desert will convince you otherwise! Amazing wildlife, stubborn and even lush vegetation, ice in a deep gorge, fabulous dinosaur...