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In recent years, the Chinese government has taken major steps to gradually improve and substantially expand the infrastructure of the cruise terminals in the key port cities so that they can cater for the needs of the international cruise market.

One impressive example of how China tries to encourage the development of the cruise industry is Shanghai. As the leading city in the growing Chinese cruise landscape, Shanghai has newly established a ‘North Bund International Terminal’ close to the famous Bund promenade in the city center. The size of the new 400 million USD expensive terminal is impressive: the dock is 880 meters long, and it can accommodate up to three 80,000-tonnage cruise ships simultaneously.

In addition to existing ports in Tianjin and Xiamen, other ports like Dalian, Qingdao and Sanya are also planning to expand their existing terminals or construct new artificial lands and docks to attract more international cruise ships.

China’s cruise market boasts many advantages as the rapid development of tourism, gradually opening tourism policies, improved infrastructure and booming cities with exciting sightseeing and entertainment facilities emerge nearby the ports. Furthermore, the authorities also make strong efforts to improve the efficiency of port handling.