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The ever growing exchange in the cultural and business fields has promoted mutual learning between Asia and Europe. This is exactly what our MICE & More department tries to facilitate by bringing Western businesses to this diverse and vast country. TUI China’s approach to MICE services is unique as it has been developed to meet both, the requirements of our customers in China, as well as those customers from overseas conducting MICE activities in China.

As such, it emphasizes the business aim of the MICE activities concerned. As it is our goal to exceed our customers’ expectations, TUI China’s MICE & More service scope goes beyond the planning and operation of MICE events. Our latest service module "Business Services" will add value to your activities in China by offering optional business content services related to your event. We aim not only to help you achieve successful MICE events in China, but offer you support in dealing with aspects of the complex Chinese business environment. The modular design of TUI China "MICE & More" allows our customers to specifically select the MICE services they need from our portfolio while it ensures an integrated service package.