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Explore the Beautiful Landscape of Guizhou

From RMB 6999
Travel days:  6 days
 /  5 nights

  • All flights mentioned in the program are in economy class and include airport tax and fuel surcharge.
  • All transfers mentioned in the program are in air-conditioned vehicles.
  • First entrance fee for all sights mentioned in the program.
  • Accommodation in specified hotel with breakfast.
  • English speaking local guide for all mentioned sightseeing. Other languages are available on request.
  • All meals mentioned in the program (B: breakfast).
  • 24 hour TUI China telephone hotline (German or English): +86 13910187388
  • Tips.
  • Personal expenses.
  • All expenses not mentioned above.
  • Guizhou
    Guizhou Regal Hotel 4*
  • Huangguoshu
    Huangguoshu hotel 3-4*
  • Xingyi
    Xingyi Panjiang hotel 3*
  • Anshun
    Anshun Ground waterfall Hotel 4*
  • The above mentioned rates are subject to availability. Kindly note that no reservation has been made at this moment.

Travel content

Hidden amongst spectacular mountains, misty waterfalls and undulating hills, Guizhou is a hidden gem of gorgeous scenery. Explore the rugged terrain around this remote paradise and learn about the diverse collection of colorful ethnic minorities that live in Guizhou. Marvel at the unique natural landscape, as it blends together with the traditional stone architecture of ancient villages dotted around this picturesque province. Uncover ancient traditions that have been kept alive for hundreds of years by industrious locals. Guizhou is a cultural melting pot waiting to be discovered.

Travel Itinerary

  • Day 1:
    Beijing/Shanghai-Guiyang - Huangguoshu Waterfall
    • Flight from Beijing/Shanghai to Guiyang, the provincial capital of Guizhou. Upon arrival, our tour guide will wait for you at the airport.
    • Travel by car to Huangguoshu and transfer to the hotel.
    • Visit the magnificent Huangguoshu Waterfall (also known as Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall). One of China's largest waterfalls, it is located on the Baihe River. The main waterfall is 67 m (220 ft) high.
    • Explore a Buyi Village where you can take a closer look at some of the fascinating local stone architecture. The Buyi people traditionally live in "stone villages" surrounded by stone or bamboo blockades. Their homes are either bungalows with separate out buildings or two-story stone dwellings with people living above and livestock below.
    • Overnight in Huangguoshu.
  • Day 2:
    Huangguoshu Waterfall - Xingyi (B)
    • Drive by car to Xingyi, the capital city of the southwest Miao & Buyi autonomous prefecture. On the way, witness the spectacular sights of the Huajiang Grand Canyon and Beipanjiang Bridge. Continue your trip with a visit to Xiaotun where you will see the traditional art of paper making.
    • Overnight in Xingyi.
  • Day 3:
    Xingyi (B)
    • Breakfast.
    • Visit Maling River Gorge, also known as "A beautiful scar on the earth", and also see the beautiful forest of hills in this enchanting corner of Guizhou. The unique landscape in this area is an excellent example of "Karst" topography, typical Karst landforms take up almost two thirds of the area around Xingyi forming numerous undulating peaks that rise and fall across the picturesque landscape. The day will also include a visit to a local matrimonial culture museum.
    • Overnight in Xingyi
  • Day 4:
    Xingyi - Anshun (B)
    • Today's highlight will be a visit to Dragon Palace Cave, a mesmerizing cluster of Karst caves, waterfalls, and underground streams deep in the heart of Guizhou. Take a sightseeing boat to explore this 4,000 meter long network of natural waterways.
    • Continue your journey to Anshun via the Xuantang scenic area, also known as the "Haven of peace", where you can relax after a long day of sightseeing.
    • Overnight in Anshun hotel.
  • Day 5:
    Anshun - Guiyang (B)
    • Breakfast.
    • Visit Tianlong Village, built during the reign of Emperor Hongwu by the descendants of expeditionary troops from the Ming Dynasty. Tianlong is one of the ancient settlements of the Tun-Bao people. It is famous for the unique art of Dixi opera, known as "opera played on earth" and a forebear of many other forms of Chinese opera, including Peking opera. Locals in Tianlong still wear traditional clothing and keep many old Ming dynasty customs alive.
    • Your tour will continue with a visit to Tiantai Mountain, which has a charming temple complex at its summit featuring many spectacular Buddhist artifacts.
    • Return to Guiyang via the ancient town of Qingyan, a fascinating place originally built for military reasons, it has retained many elements of Ming and Qing dynasty culture including stone architecture and original city walls. It also boasts a rich religious culture that includes Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity.
    • Overnight in Guiyang.
  • Day 6:
    Guiyang –Beijing/Shanghai (B)
    • Breakfast.
    • Spend a day in Guiyang with a visit to the picturesque Jiaxiu Pavilion that sits on a huge rock in the Nanming River. Jiaxiu Pavilion was first built in 1598 and got its names from the builder who believed that people in Guiyang are the finest and most talented under heaven. In the pavilion, you can enjoy the rich collection of stone engravings, calligraphy works, paintings and woodworks by ancient artists.
    • Enjoy a panoramic view of Guiyang city on the mountaintop inside Qianling Park. Take a stroll through the park and see the ancient trees, limpid springs, oddly shaped rocks and towering mountains. Visitors can also climb the winding path to Hongfu Temple, home of the most famous Buddhist temple in Guizhou Province.
    • Lunch.
    • Transfer to airport for your flight back to Beijing/Shanghai.