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A Culinary Pilgrimage of China

Travel days:  12 days
 /  11 nights

Travel content

Although Chinese food is available in all corners of the world in one form or another, if you seek authenticity and are yourself a devotee of this distinctive approach to all things edible, then at somepoint you will linger for the true taste of Chinese cuisine that can only be found in the streets and alleyways of China’s most celebrated food cities.

Not only does Beijing host homegrown dishes that make the locals proud but also famous imports. The Uighur people for example, from eastern China’s frontier carry an seemingly middle eastern influence into their cooking which sees a reliance on lamb and chicken and the use of beef in dishes bursting with spices and to match a love of barbeque and distinctive cumin spice.  As feasts go, Chinese emperors have had their fair share and this tradition is continued for those not in ownership of vast kingdoms when you enjoy a style of meal developed for the kings of Chinese dynastic past.A visit to Beijing - home to the northern style of cooking with its preference for noodles, stuffed dumplings and bread buns - would be a wasted trip if the city’s most famous dish were to not be sampled. Beijing Duck, when cooked adhering to the traditional recipe is a highly developed art form. With your tastebuds awoken and your ‘first course’ complete, venture south to Chengdu, the firey capital of Chinese hotpot, home to a celebrated BBQ culture and busy tea houses.

Your final stop in Shanghai, allows a second opportunity to learn some of the recipes that make Chinese cuisine so diverse. Steamed dumplings are on the menu, as you become chef for the evening, serving as apprentice under local Shanghai cooking experts. Enjoy a range of food you never knew existed and authenticity not found outside of China, on this culinary treat for those with a love and appreciation of China’s unique culinary expertise.

Travel Itinerary

  • Day 1:

    -          Arrival in Beijing

    -          Rest of the time at leisure 

  • Day 2:
    Beijing (B,L)

    -          Tian’anmen Square

    -          Forbidden City.

    -          Today our culinary highlight is the Imperial Meal, a style of meal originated from the Ancient Emperor’s Kitchen.

    -          After lunch, we will visit Jingshan Park.

    -          Evening visit to Donghuamen Night market to see (maybe taste) the strangest food you can find in China! 

  • Day 3:
    Beijing (B, L)

    -           “Hutong food walk.” This will include traditional local dishes and those from other parts of China. Start at the center of Beijing at the Bell Tower to taste Beijinger’s traditional dishes before walking through the market, and have lunch at an authentic Uighur restaurant. Finish at Houhai Lake area where you are free to explore. 

  • Day 4:
    Beijing (B, D)

    -          Mutianyu Great Wall for a hike along this Chinese icon.

    -          Farewell dinner featuring famous Peking Duck. 

  • Day 5:
    Beijing to Chengdu (B, L)

    -          Transfer to the airport and fly to Chengdu

    -          Upon arrival, we stop at a local park – Wangjiang Park -- for a stroll and some tea.

    -          After lunch, we’ll explore the local market with a local chef to shop for the ingredients needed for the evening’s cooking lessons.   

  • Day 6:
    Chengdu (B, L)

    -          Chengdu Culinary Museum

    -          Lunch

    -          Qingchengshan,

    -          In the evening, we’ll explore the night market in Chengdu for quick snacks and shaokao (BBQ), 

  • Day 7:
    Chengdu to Hangzhou (B, D)

    -          Giant Panda Breeding Center

    -          Transfer to airport, for flight to Hangzhou.

    -          A walk around the beautiful West Lake, where you can also join the local’s night activities such as fan-dancing.

    -          For dinner we’ll try the distinctive Hangzhou cuisine. 

  • Day 8:
    Hangzhou (B, L)

    -           Linyin Temple, one of the largest Buddhist Temples in China.

    -          Huqingyutang, a famous Chinese Herbal Medicine Museum in southern China, we’ll investigate the popular Chinese notion -- “you are what you eat” -- by discussing it with a Chinese Herbal doctor.

    The Chinese have always believed in a strong relationship between food and health and this will be your chance to explore this idea further and also hear the opinions of an expert in the field.

  • Day 9:
    Hangzhou (B, L)

    -          Drive to Longjing village, well-known for Chinese green tea.

    -          Have a home-cooked lunch at a local farmer’s house and also learn the tea making process. This cuisine’s distinctive feature is that all the dishes are made from or include Green Tea, such as Green Tea Shrimp. 

  • Day 10:
    Shanghai (B, L)

    -          This morning, transfer to Shanghai.

    -          Yuyuan Garden

    -          Taste some local snacks in the area such as Xiaolongbao (Steamed dumplings) before starting cooking lessons at a private kitchen, and enjoy your own cooking for lunch

    -          Walk around the French Concession to burn some calories.

    -          Walk around in Xintiandi & Tianziwang area.

    -          Evening is free for you to explore the city. As this is the 10th day of the culinary adventure, you may feel a little nostalgic, so Shanghai is the city you can find almost any food from all around the world. 

  • Day 11:
    Shanghai (B, D)

    -          Today is free for you to explore the city

    -          Meet in the evening at the hotel for a farewell dinner. 

  • Day 12:

    After breakfast, transfer to airport for flight back home.