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Around China

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The vast and varied land of China has an ideal destination for you, whether it's a few days' break or an in-depth journey of exploration! Discover amazing landscapes, cultural delights, relax luxuriously or get refreshingly active. Choose from among TUI China's great travel packages, or we can design a unique tailor-made trip just for you! 

Featured Trips

  • Sanya Golf Tour

    7 days/6 nights

    In recent years the beach resort of Sanya has begun to place itself on the international hospitality stage. As the host to Miss World and World's Strongest Man competitions, the tropical southern Chinese island is now home to...

  • Old Charm Pingyao with Jing's Residence Courtyard

    3 days/2 nights

    Surrounded by one of the best examples of a traditional city wall anywhere in China, Pingyao is home to a treasure trove of late Imperial Northern Chinese architecture, a monument to the great and powerful financial families...

  • Soul of Tibet

    7 days/6 nights

    Try to imagine the highest skies and greatest vistas and you might be close to imagining Tibet. With a route that takes in the key Tibetan cities of Tsedang, Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyatse, the chance to explore the oldest and most...

  • Explore the Golden Valley

    8 days/7 nights

    For centuries the mostly ethnic Tibetan province of Qinghai has played host to some of Tibetan Buddhism's most famous temples and holy sites. Situated at the center of the Silk Road route, the holy region that straddles...

  • Minority Tribes in Guizhou: Discover local minorities through their handicrafts

    12 days/11 nights

    In Guizhou, they say the men envy the tiger for its strength and the tiger envies the women of their splendor. Few visitors make the effort to reach one of China's most remote provinces, but for those who do, a rich feast of...

  • The Land of Jade and Tea

    15 days/14 nights

    With Yunnan becoming ever more popular among visitors to China, this tour offers more than the classic route. This adventure, what can truly be described as 'off the beaten track', is perfect for both newcomers and those that...

  • The Yunnan Road

    12 days/11 nights

    Just the word "Shangri-La" in most people's minds conjures up images of a pristine Utopia. Indeed, this longing to escape to paradise is deeply rooted in Chinese as well as Western culture. This paradise is best described by...

  • Guizhou by Bike

    9 days/8 nights

    Guizhou is too diverse to try and see by foot and the riding roads mean that car or bus are not great for really getting to know the province either. The bicycles, on the other hand, is the vehicle of choice for those who like...

  • Kokonor Lake Cycling Tour

    6 days/5 nights

    The Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race (known simply as "the Race") has been held in July or August annually in Qinghai province since the year 2002, and has become one of the highest-leveled, largest-scaled as well as...

  • Community Service in Yangshuo

    5 days/4 nights

    Charity, social and NGO work are relatively new to China. Nevertheless, the last several years have seen the slow but steady growth of homegrown organizations from big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, staffed by Chinese...