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Around China

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The vast and varied land of China has an ideal destination for you, whether it's a few days' break or an in-depth journey of exploration! Discover amazing landscapes, cultural delights, relax luxuriously or get refreshingly active. Choose from among TUI China's great travel packages, or we can design a unique tailor-made trip just for you! 

Featured Trips

  • A Culinary Pilgrimage of China

    12 days/11 nights

    Although Chinese food is available in all corners of the world in one form or another, if you seek authenticity and are yourself a devotee of this distinctive approach to all things edible, then at somepoint you will linger...

  • Stay On-Track for China’s Past Present and Future

    11 days/10 nights

    Travel aboard China’s modern High Speed Rail network from the modern capital of Beijing, to its centre of international commerce in Shanghai via the birthplace of the nation itself in ancient Xian.  Before your arrival in...

  • The Delights of Lhasa

    5 days/4 nights

    Join this city break with a difference to the holy capital of Tibet – Lhasa. A city as rich in history and enchanting as any other Asian capital. What marks Lhasa apart however, is its abundance of temples and religious...

  • An Awe-Inspiring Escape To Yunnan.

    7 days/6 nights

    China is developing faster than just about anywhere else, but once you set foot into Yunnan Province, all you would really want is for time to stand still in its tracks. Over 7 days, you will go cycling, horse-riding and...

  • Experience Unforgettable Hangzhou

    4 days/3 nights

    "In Heaven there is Paradise, on Earth, Suzhou and Hangzhou". This popular, traditional saying simply and delicately summarizes the extraordinary beauty of Hangzhou. It is an ancient city, one of the birthplaces of Chinese...

  • Journey to the Gumdrop Mountains

    5 days/4 nights

    Journey by high-speed train to the land of China’s legendary gumdrop mountains and terraced rice paddies and take in the natural beauty of Guangxi Province. In Guilin, visit the stunning Reed Flute Cave and enjoy the cityscape...

  • The Dazzling Southwest: a Colorscape of People and Nature

    7 days/6 nights

    Guizhou is one of southwest China’s hidden treasures; being relatively undeveloped, it has been often overlooked by the rest of China, leaving its mystic beauty quiet and untouched by changes in the modern world. This is great...

  • Eastern Renaissance: A Trip Through China’s Waterway and Garden Cities

    6 days/5 nights

    Located no more than 3 hours away from one another, the cities of Suzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou were once the heart of the historic Silk Road trade. In these three cities, you’ll find the grandeur of the past and evidence of...

  • Sichuan Exploration

    4 days/3 nights

    A visit to Chengdu's panda reserve will make you better acquainted with this rare gentle giant and its equally endearing cousin, the lesser red panda. In laidback Chengdu city, stroll along pleasant old streets and discover...

  • Great Wall Trekking 4 Days

    4 days/3 nights

    The Great Wall, one of the highlights of any visit to China, was originally built during the Qin and Han Dynasties. The total length is approximately 6,000 kilometers with many parts extremely well preserved,...