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As an affiliate of TUI Group, the world’s number one tourism business, TUI China was established in late 2003 as the first joint venture with foreign majority share in the Chinese tourism industry.  Our headquarters were established in the nation’s capital, Beijing, in order to demonstrate our commitment to serving right from the heart of China.

Our management has more than 25 years of experience in satisfying the ever increasing Chinese travel market and has been successfully organizing tours to China since 1982.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of Inbound, Customized Outbound, M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events), and Expat travel services. TUI China’s Inbound department can accommodate city tours, sightseeing and special interest groups, tour packages and individual travel arrangements to just about every place and region in China. We have also developed an Expat Travel team whose specific focus is to serve the needs of foreigners living in China. Our Customized Outbound department is well versed in meeting the quickly growing domestic demand for travel to destinations outside of China as well. In addition to our leisure travel services, we have established a strong reputation among business clients for our wide array of professional M.I.C.E. services. Our staff has a deep passion for travel throughout China and the surrounding regions, and we pride ourselves in having shared that fascination with more than a million foreign guests and customers so far.

What sets us apart is our intimate knowledge of both our destination – China – and all source markets within the "TUI Group." As a result, we are able to offer professional expertise and thorough knowledge of all TUI travel products. We apply the same excellent service and thorough understanding to all of your individual travel needs, whether it’s to, from, or within China.

TUI China - Board of Management

Dr. Guido Brettschneider
Ms. Hongyu Zhao
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Our Inbound team brings both years of experience and youthful enthusiasm to the table. We specialize in individual, custom-made tours and travel arrangements and have a wide portfolio for city tours and special interest groups. Due to TUI China’s sophisticated network, we are able to meet requirements from diverse international source markets.

Expat Travel
Our team of international travel experts have years of experience in providing for the travel needs of expat travelers. We offer extensive packages around China and ground handling in Asia, with a focus on tour types for China-based expats looking for something extra and out of the ordinary.

A Unique Position

*The first Joint Venture in the Chinese travel industry with foreign majority share.

*The first and only European company to be awarded the China Outbound Travel License.

Customized Outbound
With 12% annual growth in the outbound market, we also avidly seek to serve China’s growing number of domestic consumers. Given our proven experience as the world's leading tour operator, we are ready to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated customer. With the support of the TUI Group behind us, we are able to ensure high-quality customized products and services for the whole range of individual, group, and delegation travel needs.

The Chinese economy is rapidly expanding, creating numerous opportunities for international companies to operate and host events in China and abroad. TUI China’s M.I.C.E. team provides effective, international travel management solutions to serve all corporate travel needs and to help optimize and consolidate travel expenses with sophisticated travel reporting tools. We also like to interpret M.I.C.E as follows: Memorable, Imaginative, Comprehensive and Efficient.