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  • Eastern Renaissance: A Trip Through China’s Waterway and Garden Cities

    6 days / 5 nights
    Located no more than 3 hours away from one another, the cities of Suzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou were once the heart of the historic Silk Road trade. In these three cities, you’ll find the grandeur of the past and evidence...
  • The Land of Serenity: Explore the towns of the Yangtze

    5 days / 4 nights
    Set yourself adrift through this world of waterways, lakes and streams to where wealthy silk and salt merchants rubbed shoulders with some of classical China’s most famous scholars. Centuries of wealth, both commercial and...
  • Shanghai & Suzhou by Bullet Train

    4 days / 3 nights
    The largest metropolis in China, and her neighboring cultural gem, Suzhou, make up the perfect weekend getaway. With the opening-up of a new high speed line connecting Beijing and Shanghai, getting to these cities along the...
  • Journey through the Dragons Land

    13 days / 12 nights
    Take in the stunning grandeur of Beijing, the power house of the dragon economy and home to some of China’s most iconic sites, before heading to the ancient former capital of Xian, a treasure house of cultural artefacts and...
  • Classical China

    5 days / 4 nights
    If you feel the need for a change of scene from Beijing, here's a quick getaway to some of China's other great cities. This five-day trip to Shanghai, Suzhou, and Xi'an offers you everything from a high-speed...
  • Nanjing: A History - Lover's Treasure Chest

    3 days / 2 nights
    Nanjing, meaning 'southern capital', holds reminders of many major events that shaped China's modern history including the Opium Wars, the Taiping Rebellion, Sun Yat-sen's Republic of China, Japanese pre-WWII...
  • Taihu Lake Spa and Golf Retreat

    3 days / 2 nights
    Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax at Taihu Lake, one of the largest fresh water lakes in China. Pamper your body and soul through rejuvenating spa and massage treatments, dine on sumptuous seafood and discover...
  • The Venice of China: Suzhou, Hangzhou & Wuzhen

    5 days / 4 nights
    The three southern 'water towns' of Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuzhen, each with their special attractions, are renowned as the Venice of China. As the saying goes, 'In heaven there is paradise; on earth there are Suzhou...
  • Bullet Train Express to Historic Nanjing

    3 days / 2 nights
    Step aboard one of China's super fast new bullet trains departing from the gleaming Beijing South Train station and in under 4 hours you'll be in Nanjing, 'southern capital', as culturally rich and yet far less...

The vast and varied land of China has an ideal destination for you, whether it's a few days' break or an in-depth journey of exploration! Discover amazing landscapes, cultural delights, relax luxuriously or get refreshingly active. Choose from among TUI China's great travel packages, or we can design a unique tailor-made trip just for you!

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