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TUI China Kicks Off With Sports Beijing

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 2011, In line with its continued philanthropic spirit TUI China is proud to announce its title sponsorship of the Sports Beijing Soccer League that is sure to enrich the lives of its young members engaged in the beautiful game.

While the sponsorship agreement is of recent making TUI China is no stranger to the sporting organisation that has created a unique platform where young people can develop their non-academic talents in an environment that is secure and built upon the pillars of discipline and respect. Sports Beijing provides children with a variety of sports to participate in ensuring that each child might discover and develop according to their own unique abilities. As the world’s leading travel organisation with a history of almost one hundred years European heritage, it was only fitting that TUI China select the magical game of soccer as the channel to support the noteworthy club. TUI will be supporting Sports Beijing for the upcoming school year 2012 and in return one of their programs will be re-named as the “TUI Youth Soccer League”.

Commenting on the announcement TUI China CEO, Marcel Schneider, stated: "We are proud to support Sports Beijing as it continues to nurture excellence in sports for the young men and women in the local community. Sports Beijing’s dedication to developing an infrastructure complete with professional training for both local and expatriate children living in a foreign environment never seizes to impress us as we appreciate the positive impact they are unwittingly bringing to bear on the physical and mental development of the impressionable youth.”

Sports Beijing was developed to bring foreign and Chinese together in the spirit of camaraderie through sports. Working together with TUI China it is envisioned to raise awareness of the organization and educate others in the importance of sport to lead a healthy and balanced life. Sports Beijing's Honorary Board of Directors is an informal group of Ambassadors, CEOs, and various international school board heads.

"We are honoured to have TUI China as our title sponsor and we look forward to a exciting new year’. We have big plans for the new program; the "TUI Youth Soccer League" will be a good opportunity for us to promote a positive attitude for all players, parents and fans. We are all smiles and are ready for the kick off," said by Director of Sports Beijing.

The "TUI Youth Soccer League" announcement comes hot off the heels of a donation announcement by TUI China previously contributing 60 computers and 2,000 books to the Jingwei School for migrant worker children as part of company’s TUI China Smile Programme.