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Around China

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The vast and varied land of China has an ideal destination for you, whether it's a few days' break or an in-depth journey of exploration! Discover amazing landscapes, cultural delights, relax luxuriously or get refreshingly active. Choose from among TUI China's great travel packages, or we can design a unique tailor-made trip just for you! 

Featured Trips

  • Make Like An Emperor, Escape to Chengde

    2 days/1 nights

    As a former summer retreat for Qing emperors making use of Chengde’s cool mountain breezes, this ancient city still serves as the perfect locale for a break from rising temperatures and boasts a number of temples to complete...

  • Urumqi: An Ethnic Journey, Past and Present

    4 days/3 nights

    Embark on a voyage of discovery into the cultural domain of the Uygurs and other minorities in northwest China! An initial visit to the Xinjiang region's museum will give you an ethnic preview of your enriching encounters on...

  • Yunnan Exploration

    10 days/9 nights

    Experience the beauty of Yunnan through visits to many of its local minority villages, and wonder at the view from its majestic mountains. A hike through UNESCO World Heritage Old Town site and geological rainforest parks will...

  • Leisurely Lijiang with Banyan Tree Resort

    5 days/4 nights

    Leave the stress of city-living far behind! In the midst of the surpassing beauty of Yunnan Province, Lijiang's Banyan Tree Resort has heated outdoor pools, spa facilities, mountain vistas and gardens which will refresh you,...

  • Flavorful Guangzhou

    3 days/2 nights

    At the mouth of the Pearl River, the enthusiastically Cantonese city of Guangzhou, invites you to delve into its delights, old and new. Marvel at an amazing archeological gem, the 2000 year old tomb of an emperor. Roam the...

  • Xi'an & Yangtze

    6 days/5 nights

    Join Tui China for an adventure in the ancient capital city of Xi'an! Explore its architectural wonders, from pagodas and mosques to the best preserved old city wall in China. Sail the magnificent Yangtze River on our modern...

  • The City of Lights: Hong Kong

    4 days/3 nights

    Discover Hong Kong, a fast-paced and ultra-modern yet uniquely historical city! With its combination of Asian and Western influences, great night-life, world renowned shopping and cuisine, and warm weather, it offers a myriad...

  • Xiamen Getaway

    7 days/6 nights

    There's a lot in store for travelers wanting to explore this often-overlooked destination in the southeast of China. Discover historic Xiamen and ingenious round Hakka buildings. Tour the famous Gulangyu island and take a peek...

  • A Capital Expedition

    6 days/5 nights

    Lived in China for months but haven't yet climbed the Great Wall? Wondering what lies beyond the glitzy skyline of the Bund? For an unbeatable price, we will whisk you away from Shanghai's sleek modernism to the stately...

  • Classical China

    5 days/4 nights

    If you feel the need for a change of scene from Beijing, here's a quick getaway to some of China's other great cities. This five-day trip to Shanghai, Suzhou, and Xi'an offers you everything from a high-speed cosmopolitan...