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EXCLUSIVE: David Boigné signs with TUI China in Canada

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Marie-Eve is a Montrealer for whom travel has no secrets. Having lived in London and France, she has a thirst for adventure and discovery for nine years now. After travelling 29 countries, Marie-Eve continues to roam around the world.

As part of its expansion, 5Continents, which specializes in international receptions and group travel, announced in advance to PAX that it adds TUI China to its clients list.

The receptionist will install their office at 5Continents to accommodate North American travelers to China better.

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“This is important, because it makes guaranteed circuits available to Quebec travelers in French with really great prices, without having to worry about the validity of the product. TUI is the largest tour operator on the planet, after all,” said David Boigné, founder of 5Continents. “It's really a big mark of confidence for 5Continents.”

Remember that China, as a tourist destination, has experienced difficult times in the last twelve months because of the legal escapades of one of the main tour operators in Quebec, Vacances Sinorama.

“We know that TUI China will not disappear tomorrow morning, it's really solid. In addition, as it is an international brand, there is some quality control in terms of respected standard,” he says.

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