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TUI China Outbound Licence in Chinese Media Spotlight

Monday, May 23, 2011

As one of only three JV companies and the only European tour operator to be permitted to deliver international travel products to Chinese nationals, TUI China recently became the centre of media attention and made the headlines in both print and radio; national news and specialist tourism publications.

TUI China CEO Marcel Schneider was delighted to host representatives of the Chinese press, during which he stated “… a gradual opening of the outbound market for foreign players seems opportune. The pilot project would be an excellent way to do so as not only additional knowledge and expertise but also a different approach to quality, service delivery, training and product innovation would be made available to the Chinese consumer.”

For the future of China outbound tourism market, he also shown confidence by saying: “Given the strong economic fundamentals in this country, continuous growth in the years to come is almost a given. The outbound license is indeed a new milestone for TUI China.”

Nevertheless Marcel added that: “With our professional and dedicated team, we shall of course be carrying on with existing business segments of Inbound, M.I.C.E and Expat travel and are confident to continue to go from strength to strength in all these areas.”