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TUI CHINA PUTS A SMILE ON CHILDRENS FACES World’s Leading Tour Operator Provides Migrant

Monday, September 19, 2011

19th September, 2011, today an affiliate of World of TUI, the world's leading tourism group, TUI China donated 2,000 books and 60 computers to the Sunrise Library, a non-profit organisation for underprivileged children at a specially arranged ceremony of the recipient school.    

TUI China searched for a professional non-profit organisation (NPO) and finally selected Sunrise Library to facilitate their donation based on the organisation’s excellent track record to date and collective operational mindset. 

2,000 books and 45 computers will be given to Jingwei School, a Beijing based private school with government approval that specifically educates the children of migrant workers. TUI China will be contributing to the Jingwei library on a sustained basis by purchasing library infrastructure, training librarian staff, and supporting other school activities for years to come. The additional 15 computers will be distributed in Anhui and Henan province by Sunrise Library.

The donation signifies the launch of TUI China Smile Program that has been established in line with World of TUI Sustainable Development. The purpose of this program is to give back to the communities in which the company operates. TUI China has spent a great deal of time carefully planning the launch of the initiative, with this first donation in China to ensure that the program is delivered in an efficient manner from the start. It is due to TUI China being in the people industry that it selected a children’s library as the beneficiary of its first donation, as opposed to other equally noteworthy causes like environmental and cultural protection, which will be supported in future programs.

Commenting on the donation, TUI China CEO Marcel Schneider said: “Since establishing our TUI China head office in Beijing in 2003, this magnificent city has undergone significant change. All the new buildings, all the new infrastructure that we have witnessed being built in awe and enjoy on a daily basis have mostly been built on the backs of the unsung migrant worker hero’s. With this first humble donation we at TUI China have started the process of giving back to these great people and where better to start than with their children?”                              

The principal of Jingwei School commented that “On behalf of all the staff and students at Jingwei School I would like to express our sincere thanks to TUI China and Sunrise Library for building such a great treasure trove of knowledge for our school. The book is the key to opening the door of human wisdom and it is also the ladder to realize progress of human beings. Books are the best tools to help children build their lofty ideals. This library will bring a variety of kinds of books to the children and it is a great chance for them to acquire more knowledge. As such, this library will become the second most valued knowledge temple for them after the school. The 860 students of Jingwei School would like to express their most sincere gratitude.”

TUI China Smile Program

TUI China Smile Program, in line with World of TUI Sustainable Development, is an integral part of who we are. We are committed to sustainable development and to making a positive impact on society. We know leadership has to be earned and we never take it for granted. We communicate openly and easily and help each other develop and grow. We celebrate local differences and actively seek to contribute to a better world. 

About Sunrise Library

Registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs as an official non-profit organization (NPO), Sunrise Library was established by a group of young professionals, who staff it as volunteers, and is completely self-funding and self-managing. For its achievements, Sunrise has received recognition from the government in Shanghai as well as that in Sichuan. To date Sunrise has set up 16 libraries in 6 provinces across China, and has benefited over 10,000 children.

About Jingwei School

Beijing Jingwei School is a private school that specifically educates the children of migrant workers. It currently has 1,800 students and is divided into three parts namely a pre-school, primary school and middle school. The school boasts an area covering 10 acres including three buildings with 38 classrooms and strives to uphold the highest possible teaching standards.