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the WTM Vision Conference was successfully held in Shanghai

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On 10 May 2012 the WTM Vision Conference was successfully held in Shanghai, China. The conference attracted over 160 tourism officials and included speakers and panelists from some of the most respected travel companies around the globe. The topics of the conference ranged from a global overview of the travel industry to consumer shopping while traveling and China’s inbound and outbound markets. The gathering highlighted the travel industry’s demand for mid-year research, analysis, and opinion to help shape business strategies.

Recognizing China as the fastest growing travel industry in the world, delegates were told that Chinese tourists will spend $36 billion on shopping overseas in 2012, double the amount they spent in 2011. In light of these high spending habits, travel destinations are desperate to increase the number of Chinese visitors.

A smooth visa application process is one of the main factors destinations need to consider to increase Chinese outbound visitor arrivals, the conference heard. Other factors include the "joint exercise from both the private and public sectors" Marcel Schneider commented. “There is a need to be willing to invest money, HR and time to develop the destination in order to meet the Chinese market’s expectations,” Schneider added.

Mr. Schneider also emphasized that TUI China is committed to contribute as much as possible to the continued growth of the China inbound travel market by promoting China as a premier travel destination to the world. Having received the green-light by the CNTA, TUI China is also keen to strive for excellence in the China outbound market by offering more quality services and innovative products to the Chinese consumer.